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The Grief Summit

Grief Counseling and Treatment in a Pandemic of Loss / LIVE Event April 29 & 30

The pandemic has forced us to mourn loved ones in an unnatural and numbing way: alone. Without contact and comfort from others… Without the rituals we’ve used for millennia to mourn… An alarming amount of grief is being prolonged and unresolved.
The mental and emotional impacts have yet to be understood…but we do know that unresolved grief increases the risk of anxiety, depression, substance use, and post-traumatic stress disorder.


~ 失序时代下的辅导新视野

身处在Z时代 – 一个网络言论自由,人人皆是键盘手,一个忙碌注重绩效的时代,生活脚步不断被打乱。有人忘了自己,忘了别人,忘了与人连接,甚至迷失自我。

World’s Largest online
Suicide Prevention Conference LIVE 14- 16 May 2021(英)

Mental Health Academy Australia

Join the world’s largest online suicide prevention conference for mental health professionals.
It’s entirely free.
Join over 25,000 mental health professionals.
Learn best practices in suicide prevention.
Connect with leading mental health experts.
Attend sessions in real-time and/or on-demand.
LIVE 14- 16 May 2021

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